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First appearance
  • Session 1
  • August 17, 2019
OccupationAdventurer, Spy (former)
WeaponRapier, ethereal shortbow

Haze was a halfling with a freshly scarred and milky white left eye. He carried a flute, a lyre, a rapier and an ethereal shortbow. He was often heard playing his flute in slightly inappropriate circumstances. The ethereal shortbow's string was broken from a fantastic shot against a giant boar.


When Haze brought up that he and Wilben had seen a lot of murkiness in seemingly clean people in their line of work, Nono questioned him about that, as she had the impression he was a bard. They both claimed to have worked and performed in more noble establishments around Waterdeep. Later, in the privacy of the tiny hut, the truth came out-- they had previously been spies, and had coincidentally died around the same time.

During the troupe's stay on the island, Haze brokered a deal with Camosh, and received an imp familiar and some information for the party. He claimed he traded 10 years of his life in the deal.


Haze seemed like a sharp rock. He wore a plastered grin and acted a little daft at times. He occasionally dropped information about the island that the rest of the party was otherwise unaware of, usually regarding the Gralhund family. He appeared to trust Wilben. However, he has boldfaced lied to the troupe and has been caught doing so.