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== The Shipwreck Camrose ==
== The Shipwreck Camrose ==
In the early afternoon, the party concluded their discussion with [[Lorenzo]]. With the ghast heart and dagger pierced into the table, an uneasy truce was laid out. Lorenzo wanted the party to act as if Lorenzo was dead, so Lorenzo could move unseen. He had no trust in anyone at all on the island and did not believe there was a way off the island. He hinted that he had a deal with [[Camosh|the devils]].
In the early afternoon, the troupe concluded their discussion with [[Lorenzo]]. With the ghast heart and dagger pierced into the table, an uneasy truce was laid out. Lorenzo wanted the troupe to act as if Lorenzo was dead, so Lorenzo could move unseen. He had no trust in anyone at all on the island and did not believe there was a way off the island. He hinted that he had a deal with [[Camosh|the devils]].
On their way back along the path, the troupe meandered to get a closer look at [[the Camrose|the shipwreck]] off the coast. [[Nono]], feeling something odd in the wind, stopped the troupe to check if there was magic in the air. She detected the troupe's magic items in addition to conjuration magic on her pilfered spellbook.
On their way back along the path, the troupe meandered to get a closer look at [[the Camrose|the shipwreck]] off the coast. [[Nono]], feeling something odd in the wind, stopped the troupe to check if there was magic in the air. She detected the troupe's magic items in addition to conjuration magic on her pilfered spellbook.

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Introductions at the Docks

One overcast morning, a small boat rowed across a dark sea. The Oarsman was an forlorn older man. The rest of the occupants were Wilben, a half-elf with nicks, cuts and a large stab wound; Haze, a halfling with a freshly scarred and milky white left eye; Nono, a bruised and bludgeoned gnome; and Mercy, a battered tiefling with marks around her neck.

The oarsman mournfully talked about the dangers below and ahead the group as he landed the boat on a dock. The land, the Gralhund Estate just off the Sword Coast, was full of Gargauth worshippers. The group was cursed and not free to leave until they have broken it.

He loaded empty barrels onto the boat, informed the group that he would be back by the next new full moon, and if they were all lucky, they'd be back at the docks at that time.

Mercy took to collecting driftwood while the other three investigated the cabin by the docks. Though explicitly warned to not enter, the group peeked through some cracks and found that something was moving in there. They scurried back to safety and decided to head north.

The troupe came across a hanged man wearing peasant's clothes. Mercy inspected him and determined he was far too late to save. The troupe worked together to build a cairn for the body.

During a mourning song by Haze, the wind stopped and Mercy sensed undead coming from under the tree. They were attacked by the tree and the undead humanoid that emerged from under the tree.

As a group, they successfully fended off the tree and the undead.

To the Safety of Town

The troupe, led by Haze, left the ghastly tree behind and headed west towards the woods. The two boys went hunting and foraging. Mercy spotted some eyes in the distance and changed the fire color to alert the hunter-gatherers. The men returned and the women reported that something out there was watching the campsite.

In the morning, the group put together that two blue, almost gorilla-like creatures were the ones watching in the distance. With the threat gone, Wilben climbed a tree and spotted a village in the distance. The troupe headed towards town.

Near to the town, Mercy helped a young woman and a much older man free their ox from a muddy field. The woman, Liona, welcomed them into the village of Wakefield. The town was populated by two distinct group—young adults and elderly folk. Liona informed the troupe of the rules of the village and highly encouraged them to stay there permanently. After a quick jam session in the middle of town, the troupe brought some meager joy to the village and earned some food & a citrine jewel. Everyone in the troupe interacted with various villagers, learning more about their strange ways but never quite getting the full picture. The pervading feeling was that the villagers are merely eking out a living while surrounded by countless dangers.

The troupe agreed to stay in the village for one night before they take off in the early dawn for answers.

Liona suggested the troupe do some work to earn their keep for that night. The troupe left off wheelbarrowing to the windmill to transport already-milled grain.

The Windmill

The troupe arrived at the windmill around noon and set about their tasks. Mercy started the process of milling the grain as the others poked around. Mercy and Haze heard a noise outside, and Wilben peeked over the barrels at the windows to catch a glance of blue. Mercy and Wilben went upstairs but can't tell where the creature has gone.

Halfway through the milling—CRACK! Mercy led the way back upstairs with her rapier drawn. A fight broke out upstairs between the troupe and the multiple ghasts that broke into the windmill. The party successfully fought them off. They cleaned the windmill and burned the corpses outside afterwards.

Mercy checked out the surroundings outside while the rest discovered supplies in some chests upstairs. The three took the abandoned supplies for the troupe's use.

Liona greeted the troupe when they returned. She was shocked by their tale and beckoned them to privately discuss it. The troupe learned that the monsters had been becoming bold in the past months, and that Wakefield should be protected by Father Caudicus' sanctifications.

Liona spoke of the Father's root cellar. Townsfolk were forbidden to enter, but she implied that the troupe should check it out. One adventurer some seasons ago explored it, and still occasionally visited town.

The troupe entered the cellar and discovered a dark ritual that had been long completed and disturbed. A possibly magical knife was missing from the macabre display.

The troupe intended to visit Father Caudicus in his temple to inform him of the issue in town. The troupe has been welcomed to rest at Liona's for the night.

The Kirin and the Crossroads

On their 3rd morning, Mercy detoured the party to the north toward a dying tree. Her divine senses told her that another undead creature was fomenting underneath. The troupe was startled by an injured animal's howl and a flash of white fur. Mercy plowed into the forest in chase while the others tried to keep up.

The troupe found a pack of frenzied wolves circling an injured kirin. The wolves turned on the troupe and managed a number of blows on Mercy and Haze. After some spellwork, the majority of the pack was reduced to char, and the remnants staggered away with partially healed wounds from Mercy's grace.

Mercy healed the injured kirin, but it was too far gone. The kirin's soul visited her and consented to becoming her steed. While Mercy was healing, Haze stomped off to the woods in frustration at his companion's hasty actions. Wilben and Nono discussed the new spells they had worked out overnight. Wilben went to retrieve Haze and the two had a heart-to-heart.

Mercy offered to let the smaller folk ride on the kirin. On the way back toward town, Mercy described how she felt drawn to the tree by intuition. After deciding that the matter of the tree could wait a day or two, the troupe resumes their travel towards the temple.

At the first crossroads, they investigated signs of a previous ambush, with an injured party heading south. Haze found a sign that pointed south for the Gralhund Estate, and west for Craig's Hollow. Following Liona's directions, the group headed left for the Estate.

Between the first and second forks in the road, the group spotted a purse discarded on the side of the road. Haze posited that it was a liquid metal. Nono studied it further to determine that it was mercury, a useful supply in crafting magic weapons.

At the second crossroads, Mercy smelled some corpse rot from the northwest and sensed that there was undead in the distance.

The Gralhund Estate

In the early evening of the 3rd day, the troupe proceeded to heed Liona's instructions and headed in the direction of the temple. As twilight approached, they arrived at the last crossroads and saw the Gralhund Estate in the distance. In fear over being caught in the woods at night, the troupe headed towards the Estate, hoping to find shelter there.

The troupe spotted numerous shambling skeletons blocking the road. Nono determined that they were mostly driven by "sight" and would have a hard time detecting invisible creatures. Once the party was hidden by Invisibility, the troupe sneaked past the skeletons. The deeper the troupe went, the more undead they saw surrounding and facing towards the manor house. They appeared to be trying to get into the manor house.

Mercy vaulted Wilben onto the estate's outer walls and Wilben set up a rope for the rest to climb up on. Some of the fiend patrols on the wall took notice of the noise, and Wilben had to distract them with the sound of a scream in the inner courtyard.

The troupe attempted to enter the manor but were foiled by a locked door. A blood devil threw the door open and started commanding the devils around the estate. The devil was easily able to see through the troupe's invisibility and interrogated them. Once satisfied, she invited the troupe in for a fireside chat. Camosh, the blood devil master of the house, expressed incredulousness that the troupe attempted to break into her well-defended home in order to find safety away from the undead. After some discussion of their various intentions, she allowed the troupe to stay for the night. She pressed them to help her rid her lands of the undead, and disparaged the villagers and Father Caudicus.

The troupe safely slept and in the morning of the 4th day, Camosh saw them out of her house. Sometime during the night, Haze brokered a deal with her and received information and an imp, much to the party's shock.

The Temple and the Crypt

In the morning of the 4th day, the troupe left the Gralhund Estate proper under the cover of invisibility. While on their way to the temple, Wilben discovered a stone marker for the Gralhund Estate crypt. Undeterred, the troupe made their entrance at the temple and met Father Caudicus. He enlightened them on the history of the island, including the Lord Tomasin Gralhund who cavorted with devils until he disappeared 25 years ago. The Lord's high mage, known as Nefilphasia, continued a skeletal siege on the Estate house that can be seen to this day.

The Father also spoke poorly of the adventurer who interrupted his Wakefield ritual. He asked the troupe to retrieve the knife from "the man in the woods," known to reside in a lighthouse in the northwest section of the island. In addition to the knife, the Father requested replacement ghast hearts to recomplete the ritual.

Wilben inquired about the temple's god, The Lord Who Watches, and learned their credo. Nono traded silver with the temple in order to acquire spell material components. After a light meal from their gardens, the troupe left to explore the surrounding lands. Haze brought up the link between the Tomasin, Camosh, and Nefilphasia, and stated that Camosh was the only one standing between Nefilphasia and total domination of the island.

The troupe followed a deer trail to a clearing with a dead tree. In their investigation, they determined that undead had at some point been raised from the area, and there was another disturbance at the edge of the glade. They followed children's footprints back to the road and found they intersected with the path to the Crypt.

Heading to the crypt, they spotted a small girl who dashed down the path ahead of them. Wilben led the chase to a mausoleum, and Mercy detected undead surrounding the group. Ghostly specters appeared and attacked the troupe. After the specters are defeated, the little girl reappeared and admitted she just wanted to play. She had a message from her mother. In the afternoon light, the group decided to join the little girl Vivian and go visit Mother in the swamp to the southwest.

The Witch in the Swamp

In the mid-afternoon of the 4th day, the little girl Vivian led the troupe through the bush into the swamps. She encouraged everyone to take the shortcut over a partially broken bridge over a river, which they safely crossed. The troupe met Vivian's "mother" Nefilphasia, the necromancer leading the siege on the Estate. She had a number of undead at her disposal, including alligators and children. After introductions, Nefilphasia requested the troupe's help in finding Albert, her partner who had been working on her secretive living dead tree project. She advised the troupe as to the state of the island and her eyes on the ground. She made her desires plain: she needs total control of the island. She offered safety for the night and future help in breaking the curse if the troupe could help her wrest control from the devils in the Estate.

While the others were preoccupied, Haze took a moment with the necromancer to ask about the orb he had been looking for. After some private discussion, Haze made a deal with her and brought it to the rest of the troupe's attention. He said that Nefilphasia would make another orb for the group if he would bring her a book from her library in the Estate. The troupe questioned how she knew that they could get into the Estate safely, and Haze told them that she knew they went to the Estate. Everyone grilled him on this until Wilben broke him down with a stare.

Nono set up a tiny hut for the group, but unfortunately could not fit the kirin in. Mercy and her kirin slept outside in the marsh.

During day 5, the troupe took a "shortcut" through the marsh that resulted in lost time and some minor pains. Back at the disturbed glade, they retread their investigation. They returned to the temple to see if they had seen the missing Albert or any strange men in the area in the past month. When Father Caudicus heard that the troupe met Nefilphasia, he called her an interloper.

The troupe left the temple with pockets full of tomatoes. They argued amongst themselves about who they trusted amongst the island folk, with the village of Wakefield being the most innocent and downtrodden of the groups. Haze argued against trusting the Temple, insisting that they must be hiding something horrible compared to the devils and the necromancer.

In the end, the troupe decided to investigate the man in the woods in order to retrieve the missing knife for Wakefield's sake.

Craig's Hollow

In the afternoon of the 5th day, the troupe set off to find the man in the woods in the lighthouse to the northwest. They backtracked to the Docks & the Estate crossroads before settling down for the night. Nono cast Tiny Hut and they set a watch: Mercy, Nono & Benignus, Wilben, and then a voluntold Haze. Yellow eyes glinted low in the distant darkness at the troupe as they rested. Mercy woke up in the morning to find that Haze had fallen asleep during his watch. When confronted with the danger he put them in, as Tiny Hut only lasted 8 hours, Haze moped about it sincerely.

Following the road towards the northwest, they spotted the ruins of Craig's Hollow off the path. The buildings were decrepit except for one stone building that looked to be in good condition with a bubbling cauldron in the fenced yard. Mercy, calling out for villagers, unwittingly attracted the attention of 3 boars. Wilben stunned the boars and after some quick deliberation, the team collaborated an attack immediately after Nono set a fireball amongst the boars. The boars inadvertently revealed that the fence is enchanted as they are bounced off of it.

With the boars taken care of, Nono "knocked" on the door of the stone house and the troupe investigated it. They found a long dead wizard in a bed, with a cup and a spell book at their bedside. The troupe buried the wizard in the yard within the confines of the enchanted fence. Nono scavenged the house and came out with some healing potions and scant material components, while Haze took some chains from the surrounding buildings. Otherwise, Craig's Hollow was a shambles.

Back on the path, the troupe approached a rope bridge over a gorge. Wilben, with the help of his backpack, helped his smaller teammates across the bridge. When Mercy attempted to cross, the weight was too much for the ropes and one snapped. The two managed to safely finish the crossing, but the bridge was in bad shape. Mercy bid her kirin to return to the wizard's house in Craig's Hollow and the troupe continued on foot.

They find a dead tree in the distance, its fallen leaves a telltale purple. They hurriedly left the tree behind and Benignus found the troupe a tucked away spot to camp.

By the misty mid morning of the 7th day, the troupe arrived at the lighthouse.

The Lighthouse

On the morning of the 7th day, the troupe approached the lighthouse. Outside the door, there was a sled and clear footprints around the area. Nono determined the sled was likely the same one as the one involved in the fracas on the road they spotted a few days beforehand. Mercy knocked and received no answer. When Nono opened the door, Haze walked in and lit up his instrument, bringing to light more dragged sled marks that he begged Mercy to check out.

Nono & Mercy waited outside while Haze and Wilben cautiously maneuvered themselves up the stairs, triggering, avoiding and marking various traps all the way. The boys explored the top floor of the tower, discovering the missing dagger lodged in a heart on a table. In another room, Haze discovered a dingy man chained up. By this point, the girls made their way up the tower. Haze released the chained man from his bindings while the group interrogated him. The man was Albert, Nefilphasia's partner in necromantic studies. Albert had doubts that the party had been sent by Nefilphasia, and Nono tricked him into revealing some surface thoughts. Haze found a strange necklace on a desk in the prison room and pocketed it. Wilben scooped the heart-dagger whole into a cup and carefully placed it in his backpack.

A heavily garbed man caught the troupe at the top of the tower. With his bow aimed at them, he barked questions and directions. Haze discretely snuck Albert back his necklace, and Albert created a large gust of wind to disrupt the tense discussion and escape. He didn't get far before the troupe recollected and tackled him. After helping the tower resident Lorenzo secure a sullen Albert and giving back the heart-dagger, the group sat down for conversation.

Lorenzo asserted that Nefilphasia's children were former villagers that died. Albert confirmed that the missing Wakefield generation were the ones who died in the war. He didn't seem to trust anyone on the island, and especially distrusted Father Caudicus and the Temple. He harbored no fondness for the villagers, and only preferred the devils over the necromancer because the devils were contained to the Estate.

The discourse continued, with the troupe wondering about where their allegiances lay.

The Shipwreck Camrose

In the early afternoon, the troupe concluded their discussion with Lorenzo. With the ghast heart and dagger pierced into the table, an uneasy truce was laid out. Lorenzo wanted the troupe to act as if Lorenzo was dead, so Lorenzo could move unseen. He had no trust in anyone at all on the island and did not believe there was a way off the island. He hinted that he had a deal with the devils.

On their way back along the path, the troupe meandered to get a closer look at the shipwreck off the coast. Nono, feeling something odd in the wind, stopped the troupe to check if there was magic in the air. She detected the troupe's magic items in addition to conjuration magic on her pilfered spellbook.

At the shore by the shipwreck, the troupe realized their mistake. The wreckage was accessible only by going down a sheer cliffside, some hundreds of feet away in the water. The troupe deliberated their options. Spurred by a question of trust, Haze and Wilben engaged in a heartfelt discussion about their friendship. Meanwhile, the girls devised a plan to access the ship. A flying Mercy carried Nono over to the ship. She ferried each party member across.

On the ship, the troupe salvaged some rich supplies and a bleached skeleton. The sky turned dusk and dark by end of their looting. They flew back across the water and found a very close place to set up camp. The flying Mercy scouted the area alone. She spotted several small wispy creatures in two packs not far from the troupe. One pack was watching the troupe. Mercy caused the creatures to scatter by her presence.

The troupe hurriedly set up camp in the safety of a Nono's tiny hut. They sorted through the papers and determined that the Camrose was intending to pick up cargo from Lord Tomasin about 25 years ago, but never completed the trip.

Nono and Haze bonded slightly over their familiars before Haze's imp performed an macabre show with a mouse. For the night's watches, Benignus generally saw a large creature distantly glinting in the moonlight, while the others saw darkness.

When the troupe rose in the morning of the 8th day and the tiny hut dissipated, they were surrounded by chattering noises.