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First appearance
Last appearanceSession 20
Fighting styleSpellcasting
LanguagesCommon, Dwarvish

Nefilphasia's partner who had gone missing somewhere between 5 and 19 days before the 4th day after the troupe's arrival on the island. Nefilphasia described him as taller than Nono & Haze, but shorter than Mercy, with pointy ears. She called his expression absent-minded and emphasized, "What a man."

According to Nefilphasia's eyes on the ground, Albert was working on a project just east of the swamphouse when he disappeared. She was loathe to describe what he was working on, but eventually conceded that it was the living dead tree that the party had seen remnants of in the past.

Lorenzo caught Albert and had him chained in the top floor of the lighthouse with his focus out of reach. His arcane focus was a charm on a necklace of two crescent moons back to back. It appeared homemade and not connected to any god in particular. He was an older dwarf, grayed and worn. He didn't immediately trust that the group was sent by Nefilphasia to find him. Haze released him from the chains on the wall by heating the chains to break them, but could not remove the individual manacles. Nono eroded that trust further by giving him a copper for his thoughts. When Lorenzo caught the troupe at the top of the tower, Haze secretly gave Albert his necklace back. After a short scuffle in which he attempted to escape the tower, the troupe and Lorenzo subdued him once again. His homemade focus was taken and not given back; Nono has it in her pocket.

Due to the troupe and Lorenzo arguing in front of him, Albert knew that both Lorenzo and Haze had made deals with the devils.

On the troupe's 13th day on the island, they watched Lorenzo hand over a tied up Albert to Camosh. He was weary but appeared physically unharmed. Camosh directed her imps to bring him to the dungeon. They saw him later that day in the dungeon, still apparently physically unharmed, if not mentally worn down.

During the grand siege of the castle, the party found Albert's remains in the central torture chamber of the dungeons.

The Living Dead Tree Project

A mixture of necromancy and herbology, the Living Dead Tree project created violent undead underneath aggressive trees. Tendrils of necrotic energy could be seen seeping from the purple leaves into the ground and to the skeletons bones below. The troupe surmised that the buried dead fed the tree necrotic energy, which would then drop tainted leaves on the ground which filtered through the ground to the de-fleshed skeletons.

The project's trees were seen scattered throughout the island, including:

  • A few hours by foot directly north of the docks with a hanged peasant in its branches. The troupe burned the tree and the undead that came from beneath it.
  • Slightly to the north of Wakefield, not far from where the troupe met the kirin Dintereal. That tree was initially left intact as it was not a danger yet. The troupe returned the night of the boar feast and demolished the unfinished undead and torched the remains of the tree. At this location, the troupe surmised the Living Dead cycle.
  • A few hours to the slight southwest from the Temple, where the tree had lost all its leaves and the ground by the tree was long disturbed. That tree was left intact as its inhabitants had long ago dug themselves out.
  • A few hours along the path east of the lighthouse, where the tree had two leaves and the fallen leaves had drained to purple. The soil was not disturbed and the tree was left intact. When the troupe stopped on their way back from the lighthouse, the tree had one leaf left. Mercy intentionally triggered the tree and half-formed skeletons rose from the ground nearby. The troupe finished off the skeletons and lit the tree and the bones on fire.

Underneath the windmill in the arena, Nono recognized the same necrotic energy in the ground around her. Eventually, it was revealed that the trees formed an X with the windmill in the crosshairs. Haze received confirmation that the trees were drawing energy for the the Bladed Keys Mercenaries, who had been entombed under the windmill, so they could be raised from the dead.