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Galwyn "Nono" Fixloch
First appearance
  • Session 1
  • August 17, 2019
Full nameGalwyn Lilfyx Nono Gitkla Shortspell Fixloch
RaceGnome, Rock
Weight2.5 stone (35lbs)
OccupationAdventurer, Student (former)
Fighting styleSpellcasting
LanguagesCommon, Gnomish, Primordial
OriginTrielta Hills

Nono was a thin, nerdy looking gnome with wild hair. She has dark circles under her eyes partly hidden by her glasses. She wore scholar's robes in gold and red and clutched a wand in her left hand. Over that, she has a scaly, somewhat raggedly-looking red cloak. Otherwise, she carried no armor or weapons. In her backpack, she has some reams of paper with scribbled notes, her spellbook, a borrowed book, two pilfered spellbooks, a magical silver chalice, a map of the island, a pair of black gloves, and a jeweled spyglass. In her pocket, she has Albert's homemade focus necklace.


Nono talked a lot about the school she attended in her previous life. Her life beforehand was not particularly complex or perilous. She did not have a chance to use any of her "offensive" spells until her time on the island. This rendered her slightly dangerous as she was relying mostly on her theories and not on practice. Her apparent favored spells in battle were fire-based. Every morning when she poured through her spellbook, she intuited if the day will be good or bad—good for her, or bad for someone else.

In her death, she was crushed by a falling bookshelf. She routinely sneaked into the library after-hours to study, which was how she learned her more offensive spells. In her last midnight excursion, her quest for a particular book on a tall shelf caused a bookshelf to topple on top of her.


While easily scared by the events and scenery of the island, Nono was still drawn to investigate the mysteries that abound. She was curious and skirted the rules to satisfy her pursuits. However, in her second chance, she has learnt a little bit of restraint.


Benignus was the stern-looking owl familiar Nono summoned while in Nefilphasia's swamp from materials bartered with the Temple. He has been an excellent scout for the troupe. Instead of eye-rolling, he rolled his entire head in disgust.