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First appearanceSession 5
Last appearanceSession 24
AliasCezuthi Dashar
RaceBlood devil
LanguagesCommon, Infernal
HomeGralhund Estate

The blood devil who presided over the Gralhund Estate. She appeared as a medium sized, human-shaped figure who is entirely blood red and dripping.

When the troupe was seeking shelter in the Estate, Camosh saw through their invisibility and interrogated them to determine the reason for their infiltration. She asked if the group was sent by Nefilphasia, and asked who the troupe knew. When reassured that the troupe was only acting for the benefit of themselves and the village of Wakefield, Camosh appeared to relax and invited the troupe in to her home.

She had an ash-filled fireside chat with the troupe, receiving their names (with Nono's given only as her proper name Galwyn) and asking each what their intentions were.

In her words, there were only two factions that matter on the island: Camosh and her Estate, and the hordes of undead outside her walls. She disregarded the villagers and Father Caudicus as inconsequential. She knew that adventurers were brought to the island but did not seem to know how to break the curses placed upon them. She encouraged the troupe to help her get rid of the skeletons.

Camosh offered a safe but watched night's stay and asked them to consider her offers. "We can reach an equitable understanding in the future."

In the morning of the 4th day, Camosh again suggested that the troupe help liberate her lands from the undead. Sometime during the night, Haze brokered a deal with Camosh. He claimed that Camosh told him that there is an orb that can provide the information to break the troupe's curse. He also received an imp familiar from her.

In the Temple, Father Caudicus explained that 25 years ago, Lord Tomasin Gralhund cavorted with demons with the help of his high mage, now going by Nefilphasia. He revealed that Nefilphasia was the one leading the skeletal siege against the Estate house. Haze later explained that Tomasin was dead in the Estate.

When the troupe met Pulska, he was internally raging against Cezuthi, the witch who cursed him on Tomasin Gralhund's behalf. The troupe surmised that Nefilphasia was Cezuthi, but their assumptions were perhaps misguided. When the troupe returned to the Estate, Nono asked if Pulska was one of Camosh's agents. She laughed, called him an old man, and casually admitted she had cursed him.

Wilben noticed that Camosh looked like a much younger version of Nefilphasia, and shared that information later privately to Mercy and Nono in the Estate kitchen.

While talking to Camosh in the dungeon on day 13, Camosh revealed that her existence on this plane was tentative. Devils banished from this realm returned to hell, and she did not want to go back. The summoning orb was the tether that kept her here.

In the early morning hours of the 14th day, the troupe was roused from their sleep by a furious Camosh. She ejected the troupe from the Estate, telling them that their "little friend" Haze was the cause for her ire. She demanded that they reel him in, and she spat out that Haze still owed her by their contract.

On the 15th day, the Estate was put under siege by Nefilphasia and her horde of skeletons. Haze teleported himself near to Camosh to talk to her, and she forced him to tell her about the orb's whereabouts. She knew that "Nono" grabbed the orb first, and that the troupe kept it away from Haze's grasp. She was obviously not pleased with him, but did not hurt him. Shortly afterwards, Nono revealed herself and banished Camosh from this realm with a solid twist of fate.