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First appearance
Last appearanceSession 22
OccupationTemple Leader
AffiliationThe Temple
HomeThe Temple

The leader of the local temple of the Lord Who Watches. He was an older balding human man in grey robes. He seemed to want to protect his flock, with emphasis on the temple, and a lesser focus on the village of Wakefield. He has provided some sort of talisman against evil in Wakefield with a ritualistic sacrifice of ghast hearts with magical daggers in a root cellar in the village.

He did not think highly of outsiders such as adventurers on the island. He refers to the cellar-disturbing adventurer as "The Man in the Woods" and said that he has terrorized Wakefield. He implored the troupe to acquire the knife from the adventurer and bring back fresh ghast hearts in order to refresh the ritual in the root cellar.

He offered the troupe rough history lessons in the island and its occupants. He touched upon the fallen Tomasin Gralhund, the devils in the Gralhund Estate, and Nefilphasia.

Caudicus has a root cellar in Wakefield that is off-limits to the villagers. Liona thought that it has been quite some time since the last time he entered the cellar.

He brought the food during the festivals or someone would deliver it on his behalf every month, a day or two after the full moon. The last time Liona saw him was at the Spring Festival. He acted normally, "surrounded by his acolytes, telling stories, being as he always is."

According to Pulska, Caudicus chained him up in the shack by the docks for many years. He also claimed that Caudicus collected the dead, as evidenced by the piles of old adventuring gear in the shack.

After talking to Pulska, the troupe pieced together that a humanoid figure dressed in a dark robe that Benignus saw travelling east to west the night before was likely Caudicus returning from "caring" for Pulska. The Father's interest in trading for silver was explained by the need for the material to keep Pulska bound.


On the night of the full moon, the troupe traveled to Wakefield to find Caudicus. They knew he should be in the area within a day or two for his monthly visit. Within a few hour's walk of the village, the troupe was blocked on the road by three white wolves. Caudicus appeared on a cliff above them, claiming they were bothersome. With the moon shining down, he and his two acolytes transformed into werewolves and attacked. The party successfully fended off their attackers and chased after a hurt, wolfish Caudicus. When asked why, he made the sign of Gargauth and then died.