Craig's Hollow

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Craig's Hollow was the ruins of what could have once been a village. At the first crossroads leading away from Wakefield, the crossroads sign pointed west for Craig's Hollow. The troupe visited the area while passing through to the lighthouse.

Further along that path, there was another broken, fallen down sign that also bore that name. The ruins, an hour or two away by foot, were decrepit with some standing and others collapsed. There were some stone buildings, including one that appeared in good order with a stone tiled roof.

The land had somewhat returned to nature, with wild boars inhabiting the area.

The building with the tiled roof had an enchanted fence that repelled the wild boars and a cauldron filled with healing potion in the yard. The front door was locked but opened with a Knock spell. Inside, the bed contained a presumed human corpse with a spell book and a cup at their bedside desk. The book had the initials LR in Common somewhere in it. The troupe buried the wizard in the front yard, protected by the fence. Nono took the spell book, some vials to contain the healing potion, some charcoal and some chalk from the house.

Outside the house, the ruins contained little of use, except some chains which Haze took.