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StatusDeceased, Deanimated
First appearanceSession 8
Last appearanceSession 18
NicknameEl, El Ar
OriginCraig's Hollow

In a magically protected hut in Craig's Hollow, the troupe initially found a skeleton in bed. They paid their respects and then buried the wizard in a grave within the boundaries of the hut's fence. Nono took the wizard's spellbook with her when she left, which later caused a chase.

When the troupe returned and snooped around the hut, Haze saw the skeleton climb out of its grave. Haze attempted to talk and become friendly with the skeleton. He succeeded with a tentative high five. The skeleton seemed capable of answering "yes or no" questions with a nod or headshake. Mercy panned the skeleton, while Nono was initially friendly until it "answered" that Nefilphasia was watching them through itself. Nono's questioning revealed that the wizard was involved with summoning elementals and not demons. When the troupe left Craig's Hollow, the skeleton trailed behind them, not particularly following any one member.

When the party reached Wakefield's windmill, Haze instructed them to stay behind in order to not scare the villagers. Nono "confirmed" that the skeleton's initials were LR, and the skeleton affirmed that she could call them L or LR. On their way back to the windmill, Nono had a hair raising feeling related to the necromancy in the air.

The party noted tracks that initially led away from the windmill but doubled right back. They found El milling about in an arena hidden underneath the windmill. Through tense conversation, the troupe determined that El had been in that space before, and that they led the troupe there for a reason. Nono discovered that El could draw, as they added a hat to her wizard drawing on the dusty floor.

The next day, the troupe minus Mercy returned to question El once more. They determined that El lived in the house they had found them in. They had been keeping their spellbook out of Nefilphasia's hands. The elementals chasing after the book were not directed by El, and the elementals would not return the book to the house nor would they destroy the book. Taking the book away from the house did not summon the elementals, and the elementals would return even if dispersed. El killed themselves as part of their secret non-detection circle that encompassed the shelving and bed inside their house. They believed that only non-detection magic could hide the book, presumably from the elementals. They did know a way to turn the elemental away, but that may have been hiding the book.

They confirmed that the arena was special, but when asked if the arena could help stop the elementals, El did nothing.

There appeared to be limits on the information El knew; things like "Do you know how long you've been dead for?" returned a "No".

During the trip to the docks, somewhere between the Craig's Hollow junction and the docks junction, El fell apart. At Nono's request, Haze transported El's remains backwards, albeit some yards more than she asked for. Sometime after the troupe released Pulska, El stopped responding to commands and stopped following the troupe. When the troupe returned the next day to collect El, they did not respond and Mercy had to carry them away. During that night, El fell apart once more. In the morning, Mercy collected El's remains and brought them along on their journey.

In truth, Haze had animated El and controlled his actions. All the answers El provided had been made up by Haze.