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Old, assumedly human, male villager with a "Santa" belly. He's the blacksmith.

Mercy talked to him.

On the wreck of the Camrose, the troupe found a letter signed by Karlin. Based on the contents of the rest of the paperwork on the ship, the troupe determined that the letter was from about 25 years ago. It read, in short:

Invitation from Lord Tomasin Gralhund to the Captain of the The Camrose 
An opportunity to transport precious cargo for a hefty sum.
Signed Caretaker Karlin

Before the boar feast, Mercy returned to Karlin in order to research island history. He directed her to Liona or Mathers for that topic.

The troupe returned to interrogate Karlin after the feast. He admitted that he sent the letter, but in his old age he has forgotten all relevant details. 25 years ago, he was the house steward for the inside of the grounds, and held the position for many years. His father worked for other Gralhunds, such as Yalah and Auron [sic], before Tomasin was alone. Tomasin held confidence with some strange men and women that could have been mages. There was one lady in particular that was rumored to be magically inclined, who was titled "Vizier." No one wanted to clean her room, as it stunk from her magical studies.

When pushed, he described what happened on the day of the Collapse. He heard screaming, sounds of death, horrific noises, growling, and cacophonies of sound. People were running from the castle to the village and beyond. It sounded like the castle was collapsing and being attacked. According to him, every force of darkness there was could have been there. It smelled liked it was burning down and raining blood. However, there was no fire. There had been a lot of staff manning the ramparts, but not many people came out from there. As far as he knows, no one saw anything exactly. On the same day, something horrific happened in Craig's Hollow, and those survivors also joined Wakefield.

Karlin claimed that Father Caudicus said he knows what happened, but "it's best to focus on the here and now." He knew that Mathers also came from the general Estate area, and that no one who attempted to return to the Estate or Craig's Hollow ever returned to Wakefield.

He suggested that the party might find a forester, some sort of man of the woods like Lorenzo, he once met before the Collapse. He saw him again 3 or 4 years ago. He had pouches at the waist and thought his name might start with a P.