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Liona Gralhund
First appearanceSession 2
Last appearanceSession 25

The young woman who Mercy initially helped with an ox stuck in a muddy field.

She invited the group to stay in Wakefield and suggested that the other adventurers who visited and went off into the night were not smart. It was safer to stay in the village, but times were tough and lean. They needed supplies and more able bodies.

She informed the party of Father Caudicus' root cellar and did not give explicit permission, but did not exactly forbid, the group from entering there. She was offended by Mercy calling their religion dark.

She cared deeply about the town and its inhabitants, and wanted desperately to keep them all safe. She knew that the town was in peril from the encroaching monsters who grew bolder by the day.

When the troupe returned to Wakefield after a number of days away, they revisited Liona and tipped her off about the wizard skeleton at the windmill. She became confused and nervous when they attempted to explain the walking dead. She demanded that the troupe take responsibility for the walking skeleton by destroying it. She subtly threatened that she would raise a mob against it.

She encouraged Mercy to share a tale at the boar feast, but she appeared unhappy when Mercy wove her her faith into her story. She asked after the temporarily missing Haze and Wilben, but did not press the issue at Nono's flushed silence.

When the troupe revisited the Estate, they came across a personal room decorated with portraits of the Gralhund family. Wilben and Mercy recognized Yalah Gralhund as someone who must have been strongly related to Liona, as they looked very similar. Wilben knew that Yalah was Tomasin's mother.

When Father Caudicus failed to show up at the village after the full moon, Liona rushed towards the Temple to find him. At the crossroads, she was spotted by Benignus and Mercy was dispatched to intercept her. Mercy failed to impart the danger of Caudicus' nature and death in a meaningful way, so she brought Liona to Wilben so he could explain better. Wilben broke it to her gently, and between the sight of the skeleton army in front of her, Mercy's terrible werewolf bites, the past helpfulness of the troupe and Wilben's general persuasiveness, she believed him.

They prodded her about her family, told her she was the most important person on the island, and implied that she was a secret daughter of Tomasin's. They told her that Karlin would have recognized it, as he had been a groundskeeper for the family. After heavily pushing Pulska towards that concept, they finally goaded him into asking for her forgiveness. Still unbelieving, she granted him a pardon for his crime. Pulska was freed from his curse and a shocked Liona fainted from the results. She recovered and appeared determined to do what she could to keep her village safe.

Armed with a shortsword, some basic leather armor, and a magical dwarven belt, she followed along Wilben, Nono and the wolf companion in their intrusion into the Estate.

In the deepest chambers of the Gralhund Estate under the dungeons, Liona was persuaded by the troupe to follow Nefilphasia's instructions to break the curse. She drank her own blood from a chalice, and the troupe broke an urn. With that, the curse was lifted.

A month later, when the oarsman returned to the island, Liona led her people to start fresh on the mainland.