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Old, assumedly human male who looked rather wizardly with pouches and long white hair. Nono talked to him and found out he was a somewhat friendly "medicine man" of sorts. She showed off her Mage Hand to him and he reacted positively, but eventually veered into the weird. Would appreciate any medical herbs the troupe could bring back to him.

When the troupe returned right before the boar feast, Mercy talked to him about the island's history. According to him, the ruins of the first peoples on the islands were on the swampy west side. He glossed over the Gralhund history from 25 years ago as "troubles" and "the collapse". They've got 1 good beach on the island for the boats. He was under the impression that there were other villages on the island, so it was not just the Gralhund Estate.

When he met Nono at the boar feast, he reminded her of his request for plants and herbs. He named the darkvision-enhancing mushrooms the troupe gorged on red-ring mushrooms, and a wispy green moss for healing as green spidersilk. He didn't seem overly put out that Nono came back empty-handed.