Meredith, Gert, & Wilda

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Three elderly human women who seem to be the town gossips. They spent their time knitting and chatting in town. They loved gossip and chatting, and often provided wild, interjecting, and conflicting stories. Haze impressed them on the troupe's first village visit with his use of presdigitation to clean objects.

They were natives of Wakefield and based on the insular nature of the community, it sounded like they had never left the village, much less the island. They expressed curiousity at the various adventurers who came through the village, as it seemed to be the only time they interacted with nonhumans. They thought that some of the strangest people on the island were the acolytes who lived with Father Caudicus. They had seen somewhere between 3 and 5 acolytes, presumably human, visit alongside the Father.

According to the ladies, Wakefield had existed since the island was conquered. During the calamity, there were many different stories about what happened at the Estate and at Craig's Hollow. When Liona was a very young child, her mother brought her to the village right after the calamity. That was not uncommon as there were a large number of refugees right after the calamity. They think that her mother went back, possibly to retrieve something, and she never came back to the village. They were not sure where she was from, but suggested it could have been the village outside of the Estate. Children had been born after the calamity as well, but tragedies struck and it seemed like no children were left.