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First appearance
Last appearanceSession 25
AliasCezuthi Dashar
HomeThe swamps to the north of the Gralhund Estate

Nefilphasia appeared to be a human woman in her mid 30s. The troupe determined that she was older than she appears, as she was already a full-fledged mage 25 years ago. She did not care for courtly appearances or affects, and set magical experiments over concerns of morals. Her apparent desire was to be the one in complete control over the island. Her actual desire, as learned by only Mercy, was to get revenge on Camosh. Camosh had possessed her body many times during her time as a mage for Tomasin, and Nefilphasia was betrayed by Camosh.

She was the necromancer raised skeletons throughout the island. She has clear control over the ones near to her, but the farther they get, the more they rely on her carte blanche instructions to remove interlopers. She heavily implied that she was able to control the skeletons and her children to do her direct bidding and be her eyes, but with their speed and height they are limited.

She requested the party to find her assistant Albert, who went missing somewhere between 5 and 19 days ago as of the 4th day. He was in charge of gardening the island with the dead trees that spewed forth necromantic energy. She was very eager to hear how the blue ghasts fared against the adventurers. She bore no ill will towards the troupe destroying the undead they ran into, and gave them permission to destroy any out of her control that gave them trouble. She offered up one of the children to ward off undead who would otherwise attempt to attack, but the party turned her down.

Haze met with her privately and divulged information that the troupe had been withholding. She implored him to fetch some items from inside the Estate and bring them back to her. Haze informed the troupe she was looking for a book, and when Nono asked if it was a spellbook, he confirmed that. Haze also lied to the troupe that Nefilphasia was able to know that they had already been to the Estate, but the troupe poked enough holes into that theory that it fell apart.

When the troupe met Pulska, he was internally raging against Cezuthi, the witch who cursed him on Tomasin Gralhund's behalf. The troupe surmised that Nefilphasia was Cezuthi, but their assumptions were perhaps misguided. They implored him to kill Nefilphasia before he tackled Father Caudicus, his other intended victim.

On the 15th day, Nefilphasia, with Haze and Vivian at her side, led her horde of skeletons on a siege against the Estate. Haze informed her that he was going to sow discord inside the Estate grounds and teleported away. Mercy, astride Dintereal and armed with a bow, struck some arrows and a nerve in Nefilphasia. She redirected some of her force back towards the paladin. Nefilphasia stormed through the manor and found the hiding spot for the book and gloves already emptied. In a desperate move, Wilben stopped her in her tracks with a hypnotizing pattern. The regrouped troupe took away her focuses and woke her from her stupor.

After a tense exchange of spells between Nono, Nefilphasia and Wilben, Nefilphasia fled to the dungeons. Mercy chased after her and found her in the deepest chamber. The two conversed and came to a conclusion by the time the rest of the troupe caught up to them. Mercy claimed that the now downcast Nefilphasia was no longer a danger. Nefilphasia's wish to not speak about certain topics was backed up by Mercy. Nefilphasia made a last-ditch attempt to gather components to reanimate Tomasin's remains, but Wilben stopped her. Nefilphasia explained how to break the curse on the island, and Liona helped the troupe succeed in the ritual.

Nefilphasia spent her remaining time on the island cooped up in the Windmill, with Nono occasionally trying to interject to get answers on various topics. She left on Genoff's boat with the others. Nono asked about El, and Nefilphasia appeared confused and responded that she did not raise that skeleton.

The Children

One of her "children," Vivian, brought the troupe to her current home in the swamps. She has at least two other children under her "care," who were both seen without tongues. She claimed that the children would be safe from the skeletons, as "they do not attack their own." Albert admitted that Nefilphasia raised those former village children from the dead, but did not specify how they died.


Vivian is a young girl with a bow on her head. She wants to please mother. She has been seen stalking the troupe on at least two occasions. Once was outside the windmill, and the second was just inside in the Temple. During both events, she was greeted by Haze. In the first confrontation, she ran away. During the second, she was flabbergasted that Haze gave up his mission and attacked him. She was put to sleep multiple times, tied up, released, and eventually lost by Mercy. In the grand siege, after being stabbed in the back, Nono struck Vivian down. Haze "revived" her as undead under his control and thereafter she followed him and called him "Papa."