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First appearance
Last appearanceSession 24
RaceWerecreature; formerly human

Pulska was a bear of a man chained up in the cabin by the docks. He was dressed in trousers and a bearskin around his neck, but he was clearly unkempt and uncared for. He was standing relatively lifeless and defeated when the party found him, but they roused him into speech by invoking what they knew of his name. He rasped that his name was Pulska, and did what he could do remove one of the interior magical locks keeping the door closed.

Mercy gently interrogated him as did what she could to ease his suffering. While he was chained up, Nono gave him a copper and detected his surface thoughts. It revealed that killing Caudicus and Cezuthi consumed his thoughts, but that he didn't think that was the way to break the curse.

Wilben deduced that Pulska was a werecreature of some kind, and insinuated he could be danger to the troupe. Pulska revealed openly his only desires to be killing Caudicus and the witch and breaking the curse the witch put upon him. The troupe figured out that the witch Cezuthi was Tomasin's Vizier, and currently went by the name Nefilphasia. Pulska knew that the long-gone Tomasin instigated the curse, and he needed another Gralhund to break that curse. He stated that Caudicus was the one who had him locked up, and that he had escaped a few times before in the past.

Pulska also talked about the Estate and how there was something there that called to him on the second floor. He found himself going back there some times, and was not bothered by the hordes of undead outside its walls.

Mercy broke all of the silver chains that bound Pulska aside from the one around his neck. She determined it would be too dangerous to remove using the limited tools they had on hand. Pulska healed incredibly quickly from the wounds Mercy accidentally inflicted on him while breaking his bonds.

Once freed, Pulska debated which of the two he was going to kill first. Mercy pleaded with him to leave Father Caudicus alone for the village's sake, as they depended on him for safety. Pulska was not agreeable to this, but Nono asked for him to start his revenge with Nefilphasia first, and that Caudicus could die second. Pulska scoffed but seemed to assent, but when he left the shack, he locked the door behind him. "Head start." He strode towards the forest with a large axe behind him.

When the troupe went to the Gralhund crypt to rest, they found Pulska beaten and bloodied there. He was not happy that the troupe had killed Caudicus, even if it was in self defense. He gave Mercy a punch to the face and she accepted it for "going back on their promise." He was impressed that she still stood, and she informed him that there could be a surprise Gralhund daughter on the island to break the curse. He was sent for a loop and in his mild confusion, assented to joining forces with the party. He did not trust Haze, who he implied was aligned with Nefilphasia. He joined them in their tiny hut for that night to recuperate. In the morning, Mercy offered him the enchanted club and showed him how it worked. He ditched his greataxe for it with glee.

Before their showdown with the devils and skeletons at the estate, the troupe spotted Liona and informed her of her suspected lineage. It took some convincing on both Liona and Pulska's parts, but the troupe persuaded Liona to pardon Pulska for his crime of poaching. With tears in his eyes, he withered, aged and died in front of them. He was released from his curse.