The Camrose

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The Camrose was a wrecked ship off the north shore of the Gralhund Estate island, closer to the west side of the island on the way to the lighthouse. It was located about 300 feet off the coast, down a sheer cliff. The ship was split in two down the middle and the majority of the floors were underwater. A skeleton lay bleached on the aft side of the ship.

The troupe investigated the wreckage and found a variety of goods both on the top deck and just below deck in the cabins.

At the fore, Mercy and Haze found:

  • On the top deck, 40 Crossbow bolts; 80 arrow heads; a rusty banged up scimitar which Mercy intended to bring back to the blacksmith.
  • Below deck, 6 spells scrolls (Purify Food And Drink x2, Entangle x2, Warding Wind x2); a bunch of books and paperwork.

At the aft, Wilben and Nono found:

  • On the top deck, rotted vestments wrapping 20 candles and twine; 3 quartz (50 gp); a sardonyx (50 gp); 3 empty case scrolls.
  • Below deck, a large slightly aged leather map of the area, covering the Sword Coast with an X on the Gralhund Estate; one set of human sized fine clothes; a fancy silver dagger with a dragon on the hilt; a locked chest (picked by Wilben) containing a pouch of 17 gold, pouch of 7 gold, pouch of 116 silver, 4 pouches of 400 coppers, and a jeweled spyglass.

Nono felt that the water in that area was unnatural. The next day, a water elemental was searching the wreck for something. The troupe presumed it was for the Craig's Hollow spellbook, as the elemental chased after a book-bearing Haze.


Based on the logbook found on the ship, the troupe determined that the ship wrecked about 25 years ago off the coast of the grand Estate. They were headed to the Estate to explicitly pick up cargo based on a letter amongst the paperwork. The letter read, in short:

Invitation from Lord Tomasin Gralhund to the Captain of the The Camrose 
An opportunity to transport precious cargo for a hefty sum.
Signed Caretaker Karlin