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The infamous Gralhund Estate, currently under the management of Camosh. The villagers of Wakefield, namely Liona, warned the troupe not to go there. On the dirt road west from Wakefield, the first crossroads had a fallen sign that indicated the Estate was south. The last forked path that led to the estate allow one to see the Estate in the distance. Between that fork and the estate, there were hordes of undead, especially skeletons, blocking the roads and wandering about. On the troupe's second venture to the Estate, they blasted away the skeletons blocking the road. Skeletons patrolled the ruins of the town surrounding the castle itself. There were skeletons also pounding at the front gates.

The estate house has tall walls and an inner courtyard that contain minor buildings like stables. The walls were patrolled by small winged fiends and larger fiends roamed the courtyard. The interior rooms were dated but habitable.

According to Haze, the previous lord's body is laid to rest somewhere in the Estate. Inside, the building had a kitchen that, to the north, had a short hallway leading to a tower. The tower lead up to a personal space furnished with Gralhund portraits. To the east of the kitchen, more short hallways eventually opened north to the throne room. The throne room was lit by 6 magic lights and the Gralhund family crest adorned the floor. Two staircases at the sides of the room led north and upwards, behind the throne, to a small library.


The Gralhund family crest.

According to Father Caudicus, the island was owned by the Gralhund family and administered by Tomasin himself. They lived there for generations and Wakefield prospered. Two generations before Tomasin, Ostryn Gralhund led the estate. Afterwards came Yalah Gralhund, Tomasin's mother and the employer of Karlin's father. About 25 years ago, the Estate fell when Tomasin and his high mage made a deal with devils. At some point after that, the high mage laid a skeletal siege to the Estate.

When the troupe revisited the Estate, they came across a personal room decorated with portraits of the Gralhund family. Wilben and Mercy recognized Yalah Gralhund as someone who must have been strongly related to Liona, as they looked very similar.