The Lighthouse

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The lighthouse existed in the northwestern corner of the island, situated slightly apart from the main island. There was a strong looking rope bridge between the land and the lighthouse. Outside the front and only apparent door, there was a sled that could be dragged by an able-bodied medium human without too much trouble. According to Father Caudicus the lighthouse had been taken over by a mage of the Estate some time ago. By the time the troupe arrived on the island, its lone resident was "that man in the woods" Lorenzo.

Inside, the tower had a spacious but empty landing area. There were marks on the floor that indicated that the sled had been through there. The stairs up the landing were wide enough to accomodate at least two people walking side by side, but were trapped in a few locations. Wilben marked the trapped areas with chalk.

The top floor of the lighthouse appeared lived in. The stairs led to a room had a table topped with a purple-blue heart stabbed through with a peculiar dagger. A door perpendicular to the stairway led to another room which had shackles, a desk, a pile of books, and a bookshelf. As the troupe saw it, the shackles originally imprisoned Albert, with the desk far away from him displaying Albert's focus, a homemade talisman on a necklace. The books strewn about seemed practical, describing plants, herbs, and other things that would interest a ranger. There was also a third room accessible from the stairwell-attached room that had nothing of note.