The Temple

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A massive temple of 2-3 stories located deep in the west of the island. It operated in service of the Lord Who Watches under the eye of Father Caudicus. It was well kept and seemed like it has been kept that way for possibly 40 years. Around the temple were small vegetable and fruit gardens, but the temple itself was the only major structure in the valley. It appeared to operate as its own little community.

Father Caudicus explained that the temple had been around before the curse placed on the island, and that the temple would always be there. None of the acolytes had attempted to leave the island, so they do not know for certain if they were effected.

Stone was a major surface in the temple, as even the pews were made of stone.

They were willing to barter items, especially for silver.

After Caudicus' Death

The very night the troupe killed Caudicus, they travelled to the temple and found it looted and almost deserted. Some acolytes were seen running from the building. The troupe caught one and interrogated him. They were fleeing because they knew their master was dead. The troupe presumed that the acolytes had no one to protect them from whatever was coming next.

At the alter with the large jewel inset on its top, the entire top slab was pulled aside to reveal a set of stairs leading downwards. The room below contained a chest with a glowing orb on top of it. The orb has since been removed by the troupe and the temple's windows were blown out by a pair of elementals. The fire and air elementals did some damage to the inside during the ensuing fight.