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Tomasin Gralhund
First appearance"Session 6"
Last appearance"Session 21"
  • Yalah (mother)
  • Orond (father)
  • Zartan (older brother)
  • Greth (younger sister)
  • Leanne (maternal grandmother)
  • Ostryn (maternal grandfather)

Lord Tomasin Gralhund was the former owner of the Gralhund Estate. His family had lived there for generations. About 25 years ago, Tomasin and his high mage Nefilphasia reportedly made a deal with devils. After that, he was not seen again. The troupe estimated him to have been in his mid-twenties at the time of his disappearance.

When Nono questioned whether Tomasin resided in the Gralhund Estate Crypt, Haze said that Tomasin was dead in the Estate house. Camosh confirmed that statement later in the dungeon. The troupe found his corpse upon a throne in the deepest chamber of the dungeon.

Karlin briefly mentioned that Tomasin was the lone Gralhund after Yalah and Orond.

Yalah was Tomasin's mother, and Ostryn was his grandfather. Leanne was Ostryn’s wife, with her portrait hung next to his. Based on Yalah's visage, the troupe suspected that Liona was another Gralhund, possibly Tomasin's illegitimate daughter.

Paperwork in the library and Wilben’s knowledge of Waterdhavian nobles outlined the basic family history. Ostryn and Leanne only had daughters, of which Yalah was the eldest. She married Orond and bore 3 children, two boys and a girl. Tomasin’s older brother Zartan, younger sister Greth, and father Orond were known to be alive and well on the mainland. Tomasin’s siblings were in their late forties or mid fifties; his father was in his seventies.

The Infernal Contract

In one of the chambers underneath the Estate, Wilben found Tomasin's contract along with Haze's contract. Tomasin's contract with Camosh outlined that Camosh would strengthen Tomasin's standing in his family and on the Sword Coast in return for Tomasin's soul upon his death. It also specified that Camosh would be in utter servitude to him until his death and she would not harm him. The penalty for failure to uphold the contract was perpetual servitude.