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Wilben Varie
First appearance
  • Session 1
  • August 17, 2019
OccupationAdventurer, Spy (former)
LanguagesCommon, Dwarvish

Wilben Varie was a half-elf bard. He carried a lute and a rapier, and wore a backpack that seemed to change a little on most days. He also acquired a magical belt that made his skin slightly harden and sheen like rock, and prevented him from polymorphing himself. He gave that to Liona to protect her.


Wilben claimed to have worked with Haze before, working and performing together in more noble establishments in Waterdeep.

When probed by Nono, Wilben admitted that the two of them were spies in their previous life. The close timings of their deaths was coincidental.

During the fight with Father Caudicus and his acolytes, he was bitten by one of them while they were in werewolf form. He has since developed a healthy distrust of the rest of the troupe.


Wilben seemed calm, collected and thoughtful. He was also fond of Haze, and was also able to see through his occasional deceptions.