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First appearanceSession 1
Last appearanceSession 25
Nicknamethe Oarsman

An older, unharmed simple man with a sad expression who rowed the troupe to the island. He was the very first NPC the troupe met.

When they arrived at the island, he loaded empty barrels back on to the boat. He notified the troupe that he would be back by the next new moon, and that if they were lucky, they'd be back at the Docks at that time.

He gave a number of warnings:

  • There were scaly creatures under the water that presumedly would try to eat the troupe.
  • Do not go in the cabin by the dock.
  • To Mercy in particular, not to mention her god Ilmater, because the island is populated with Gargauth worshippers.

He was the one who told the troupe that they were cursed, and were not free to leave until the curse was broken. He told the troupe that they were off the Sword Coast, on the Gralhund Estate. He would not give the group his name.

When the troupe brought up the oarsman, Nefilphasia called him by name and did not seem to care one way or the other about him.

On the 11th day, the troupe found that Genoff had dropped off supplies seemingly for them, as detailed in a note attached to the crates. Mercy left a large quartz worth 50 gold as payment for the equipment, which she estimated to be worth perhaps 7 gold.

Genoff met the troupe at the docks a month after the curse was broken. Nono asked after his employer, but he had no answers to give about the unnamed, mysterious figure. He ferried the troupe, Nefilphasia, Vivian, Lorenzo, Liona, and the other villagers of Wakefield back to the mainland.