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First appearance
  • Session 1
  • August 17, 2019
Full nameMercy Calabra
OccupationPaladin of Ilmater
AffiliationOrder of the Golden Cup
Fighting styleDefensive
LanguagesCommon, Infernal, Dwarvish
OriginSwordslake Creek, Turmish

Mercy was a tiefling paladin of Ilmater. She wore magical gauntlets and carried a wooden club with runes on it.


Born in a small farming village in the republic of Turmish, Mercy was abandoned at birth by her parents. She was taken in by a priest in the nearby church of Ilmater, who cloistered her away and taught her everything he could.

Mercy grew up isolated, believing in the innate goodness of the world. When the priest died after her 17th birthday, his final request for his adopted daughter was to go into the world and alleviate the suffering of the less fortunate. She donned her armor, strapped on her sword, tucked away the amulet the priest had given her, and set off into the world, wholly believing in her divine mission.

During her travels, she tried to save as many people as she could wherever she went. She was usually met with derision and distrust, but there were always the rare instances of kindness and thanks that reinforced her belief that there was good in everyone.

She traveled to a small village that she had heard rumors of plague and disease. When she arrived, however, she was treated with fear and hatred due to her demonic appearance. When a villager died due to the plague despite her best efforts, a mob descended on her. Refusing to fight back despite the danger to her life, she was lynched, weeping silently the entire time.

During the fight with Father Caudicus and his acolytes, she was bitten by one of them while they were in werewolf form. She has since gained the loyalty of the wolf she hurt and healed after the fight over the kirin.


After her death and subsequent arrival on the island, Mercy is trying to find meaning in her second life. The island's horrors weigh heavily on her already. While she secretly holds little hope for her second life, she outwardly tries to project optimism and peace.

Mercy's primary concern is in helping others. She will always seek to assist the suffering with little regard to herself. She is also a firm believer in following the law and always doing what is right. The priest who raised her instilled a deep belief in the basic goodness of all people, regardless of their race, species, or upbringing, and despite all of her experiences, she still maintains this belief.